Wednesday, October 27, 2021


New traders can begin by taking OneUp Trader’s free $100,000 14-day trial. The practice account will allow users to explore the features of the platform and decide for themselves if they wish to enrol for the program.

Account types

After the traders are satisfied with the trial, they can opt for either for the many account options available. The account types vary by trading account sizes and profit split options. The Novice account comes with a trading account size of $25,000 and costs $95 per month with 50% profit split or $125 per month with 80% profit split. Novice account has a limit of 3 contracts, with a profit target of $1,500 and a daily loss limit of $500.

The other account types offered by OneUp Trader include Beginner, Advanced, Professional, and Expert. The fee keeps on increasing but so do the benefits and limits.

Once traders open an account with OneUPTrader , the next step is to prove that they can manage their account to become eligible to apply for a funded trading program. Traders are required to follow specific rules and hit their profit targets.

Funded Account

The users must trade for at least 15 trading days, within permitted time and permitted products. They must not cross a predefined number of positions, and daily loss limit and profit target are to be met. Overall, traders who display consistency are considered eligible to apply for a funded trading account with partners of OneUp Trader.

Platform – NinjaTrader

To assist the trading process, OneUp Trader provides its members with powerful trading platforms. NinjaTrader is the recommended trading platform; however, traders can choose from over 19 trading platforms. OneUp Trader also extends its support through a social dashboard, industry news, alerts, chats, and account analytics.

In the end, if a trader can follow the rules and hit the targets, OneUPTrader provides guaranteed placement with its funding partners with the same account size as used for evaluation.


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