Friday, May 20, 2022

Slow Adaptive Trend Line

Author: Vladimir Kravchuk

“New Adaptive Method of Following the Tendency and Market Cycles”

Slow Adaptive Trend Line (SATL) is formed with the digital filter of the low frequency FLF-2.

Filter FLF-2 serves to suppress noises and market cycles with longer periods of oscillation. Filters of low frequency FLF-1 and FLF-2 provide attenuation in the stop band with no less than 40 dB and absolutely don’t distort the amplitude and phase of entry discontinuous price series in the pass band (bandwidth).

These properties of the digital filters provide significantly improved (in comparison with simple moving average) noise suppression that in its turn allows reducing sharply the probability of appearance of “false” signals for purchase and sell.

There are no analogues to SATL among widely known technical instruments. This is not a moving “average”, but just the adaptive line estimate of a long-term trend.

Unlike moving average, SATL has no any phase delay with regard to current prices.

SATL filter coefficients

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