Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Stochastic ROC

Price Rate-of-Change (ROC) indicator based on stochastic.

It has eight input parameters:

  • Stochastic K period – the period of calculating the stochastic %K line;
  • Stochastic D period – the period of calculating the stochastic %D line;
  • Stochastic Slowing – the period of calculating the stochastic Slowing line;
  • Stochastic MA Method – stochastic calculation method;
  • Stochastic Price field – stochastic calculation prices;
  • Stochastic line – stochastic line used for calculating the indicator:
    • Main – main line;
    • Signal – signal line.
  • ROC period – the period of calculating the ROC;
  • Calculation type – type of calculations:
    • Absolute – absolute values;
    • Relative – relative values.

The ROC indicator is not required for calculations, since it is calculated by the indicator itself.


If Type = Absolute Stochastic, then ROC = ((Stochastic(Now) - Stochastic(Prev)),
If Type = Relative Stochastic, then ROC = ((Stochastic(Now) - Stochastic(Prev)) / Stochastic(Prev))*100


ROC = ((CLOSE (i) - CLOSE (i - n)) / CLOSE (i - n)) * 100
CLOSE (i) - the price of closing the current bar;
CLOSE (i - n) - the close price n bars ago;
Fig.1. Stochastic ROC Absolute
Fig.2. Stochastic ROC Relative

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