Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Raghee Horner 3 Indicators

This Metatrader indicator plots three EMA34 and SMA200 using in the Raghee Horner Method.

RagheeCandleVagueBars :
Plot coloured candle bar:
Red for down trend (Value < – 30º )
Green bar for up trend (Value > 30 º)
Orange and chartreuse for neutral ( Value between -30º and 0 or 0 and 30º)

Raghee5minutes : Plots three EMA for the Raghee 5 minutes method and changes with the trend automatically.

The below template uses the Raghee Horner 3 Indicators plus:

– Fractals
– Swing_zz_with_alert
– Scan-Index
– FiboSwing
– CCI(20)
– RSI-Swing(34,13,3)

Further reading:

  • Raghee Horner method. https://ragheehorner.com/blog/
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