Wednesday, December 1, 2021


Looking for a Forex trading specialist that can teach you the ropes of trading while giving you the chance to access a funded account? A TOPSTEPFX Funded Account should be right up your street.

Here’s everything you need to know about the platform and the programs it offers.

TopStepFX Challenge

The main offering of a TopStepFX Funded Account is a challenge during which traders must prove their prowess over an evaluation period. Success participants then win access to a trading account funded with up to $500,000. Yes, you read that right — $500,000!

It’s possible to receive this count in as little as one month, although TopStepFX recommends traders to take a more gradual, steady approach.

As part of the two-step process, traders can first access resources to learn about trading and use a simulated Forex account. Over time, they need to pass tests and improve their skills. If the TopStepFX managers give them the green light, they can then progress to the next stage.

The TopStepFX Funded Account simulated account is called the Trading Combine, and it comes with fixed profit targets and risk limits. Traders will also get access to 22 foreign exchange pairs, trading alerts, and more. There are three packages:

  1. Account of $200,000 for $125 a month
  2. Account of $300,000 for $165 a month
  3. Account of $500,000 for $275 a month

Larger accounts have greater profit and loss targets.

Passing the challenge

To pass through the evaluation period, traders must follow the rules (e.g., the profit and loss targets) and demonstrate consistency.

If they receive a funded account, traders will be able to keep the first $5,000 they earn, after which they can keep 80% of the profits.

Traders will also be able to use the cutting-edge trading technology TopStepFX MetaTrader 4, which is one of the best in the world for Forex trading.

Get started now

If you think TopStepFX could be the right place for you to become the trader you always hoped that you’d be, why wait any longer?

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