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WeFundTraders is a proprietary trading firm that also provides trading education. The team behind WeFundTraders consists of trading professionals with years of experience in trading and portfolio management in variable asset classes on different exchanges. Thus, the passion and knowledge of the experts are shared through WeFundTraders, along with giving them a chance to make a trading career through funding.

We Fund Traders provides education and training through its Talent Nurturing Program. The program introduces aspiring traders to the world of trading and takes their skills to the next level. It provides two comprehensive trainings under the nurturing program: professional trading and portfolio management. Traders who do well in the program and make the cut become eligible for the funded trading program of WeFundTraders.

The Traders’ Funding Program of WeFundTraders takes care of the funding needs of competent traders. Traders who are intelligent and smart and prove their mettle are provided with sufficient amount of starting capital to trade, without any risks.

However, WeFundTraders has specific minimum requirements for traders to qualify for its funding program. The aspiring candidates must have trading experience and must be able to use effective trading strategies. The monthly drawdown must be less than 10%, and an optimum risk-return trade-off must be maintained. Thus, traders who qualify for WeFundTraders’ funding program get a fully-funded trading account along with training for their development and a supported trading network.

WeFundTraders supplements the support provided to traders through deep and extensive research. The expert analysts at We Fund Traders undertake macroeconomic and microeconomic analysis to create long-term and short-term strategies. They also identify the best times to make trades and work on effective management of risks.

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